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Well Test/Early Production Facility Equipment

Flare Stack

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Equipment Details

Gas Stream
Flow maximum 20 mmscfd
Flow+ minimum Purge
Molecular weight 18 (Lean Case) & 34 (Rich Case)
Temperature 54 o
Inlet pressure < 3.5 barg
Smokeless capacity N/A


Pilot Fuel Gas: 100 SCFH – per pilot
Purge Gas: 250 – 450 SCFH
Assist Gas (Optional) Purge to 1 mmscfd
Main Flare line Size 4”
Quantity 2
Components: Flare Body, Assist Nozzle, (internal, Pilot, Nozzle Wind, Deflectors, Pilot Inlet, Inspirator Assembly, Ignition Inlet, Assist Gas, Main Gas Inlet


Dimensions (Approx.)
Height 59.1′ – 0″ Width 2′ – 0″
Weight 1450 LBS
Upper body (5′) ASTM A 106
Lower body (5′) A572 GR-50, A500 GR-B,SA-516-70, A36
Pilot 316L SS
Pilot nozzle 310 SS
Lifting lugs 316 SS
Pilot manifold 316L SS
Ignition manifold Flexible Stainless Steel
Fluidic seal 316L SS
Assist nozzle / pipe 310 SS / 316L SS
Non-Destructive Examination
Radiography 10 % of butt welds
Other NDE None


Surface Finish / Paint (Carbon Steel)
Sandblast SP-6
Primer CZ-11 2-3 mil
Top Coat None


Terminal Points
Gas inlet 10″ Class 150 RFWN A-105
Ignition inlet 1-1/2″ FNPT
Pilot manifold inlet 1″ Class 150 RFWN SS
Assist gas inlet 2″ Class 150 RFWN SS


CHT-FI Electronic Ignitor
Ignition Method Electronic Fuel gas inlet N/A Ignition Cable Binding Post
Auto relight           Yes Pilot gas inlet N/A Terminal Strip    Allen Bradley 1492-4_
Flame detection Temp switch Pilot gas out N/A Remote Alarms Dry Contacts
Area classification NEMA 4X/7 Purge gas out N/A Ignition Output 6 KV
Mounting Wall mount Flame front out N/A
Enclosure material Cast aluminum


DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT (approx.) Pipe Size and Material N/A
Weight 150 LBS Connections / Fittings N/A
Dimensions  (L x W x H) 24″ x 8″ 24″ x 8″


To Pilots

Off / Manual / Auto

Selector Switch    Pilot#2 On Pilot#2 Off Manual Ignite            

ignition fuel gas (ignition cycle) Yes Pilot Status Lights Four
Ignition air (ignition cycle) Yes Manual Ignite Switch Two
Pilot fuel gas (per pilot) Yes Selector Switch Two
Battery 12V
Boom Jack Yes


Purge gas dry instrument air 120 psig MAX Alarms yes
Electric 120VAC / 1 / 60Hz Wire Type 16 AWG THHN
Non-Destructive Examination Relays Allen Bradley Series 700
Radiography Yes
Additional NDE None
Surface Finish / Paint (Carbon Steel)
Sandblast Yes
Primer Yes
Top coat Yes