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Engineering and Project Management

Front End Engineering & Design

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EPT has multi-discipline engineering resources and experience in developing the Conceptual and Feasibility studies into a Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) package. The FEED phase translates the customer’s design basis into definitive equipment design, materials of construction, controls, utilities, offsites, and tie-ins. Pyramid’s experienced team is able to clearly specify the technical requirements for the project and review the safety aspects of the facility.

During the FEED phase, the project schedule, tendering philosophy, risk mitigation strategy, work break down structure and detailed cost estimates are developed to plan the procurement and construction phase. All of the process engineering is completed along with the mechanical engineering requirements necessary to proceed to the Detailed Engineering and Construction phase.

The FEED deliverables include the following:

  • Final Heat and Material Balances (H&MB’s)
  • Equipment sizing, materials of construction and design temperatures and pressures.
  • Process control requirements, including any analyzers, programmable logic controllers, safety instrumented systems, etc.
  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&ID’s)
  • Plot Plan
  • Process safety contingency analyses
  • Utility loads (e.g., steam, cooling water, wastewater treatment, etc.)
  • Interconnections with other units (onsite and offsite)