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Separators and Internals

Liquid/Gas separation

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Mist Eliminator

The conventional knitted mesh pads correctly designated give the good result in horizontal & vertical mist eliminator applications. But, the high gas velocity prevents the drainage of the liquid captured correctly. A thin liquid layer forms at the bottom part of pads at moderate gas velocity and liquid loads.

If the velocity or liquid loads increases again, the liquid zone becomes thicker, thereby causing total flooding of the pads. The liquid will be re-entrained and large droplets returned to the pads.

To solve the above problem, HMDS supply H-Opti-MESH®, this unique design is to create throughout reinforcements preferential capture zone liquid, this area sucks surrounding liquid drainage areas and surface tension allows fluid stream below this area thus allowing the gas to flow easily and increasing the ability of pads and reducing the pressure drop (Pressure drop)

H-Opti-Mesh can handle 20 to 30% more flow than conventional mesh pads in the same service, Lower pressure drop compared to conventional mesh pads and High efficiency for capturing fine droplets.

Candle Mist Eliminator

Our mist eliminators candles are specially designed to be used in many processes generating mists. Its simple and economical design combines to its special texture in fiber allows it to be a flagship product and very effective in removing submicron liquid particles of gas and air streams. The fine particles of 0.1 to 3 microns are captured at 99% thanks to a texture fibers or fiber/metal mesh layer mounted between two concentric cages securely assembled. Fiber is precisely wound to ensure optimum efficiency and pressure drop. Our candles are cylindrical but geometrically can be adapted to customer needs.

Vane Mist Eliminator

This type of impingement mist extractor consists of a series of vane or plate between which the gas must flow. The vanes force the gas flow to be laminar between parallel plates that contain directional changes. The surface of the plates serves as a target for droplet impingement and collection.

Chevron Mist Eliminator

Chevron packs are vane-type separators of high velocity droplets. When they are properly designed, they can be very effective to collect droplets <10 microns in diameter. In general, they are used for the collection of droplets greater than 20 microns. Chevron is a solution as in the case of contains solid fluid with a special design that allows gas to pass vertically or horizontally between the blades. The variation of spaces between the blades allows high volume production capacity with low pressure drop. We offer different types of Chevron that will be specifically designed according to customer needs.

Vane Inlet Distributor (VID)

VID devices are used in the phase separator in various applications principally for uniform distribution of the inlet flow through cross sections of the equipment. A uniform distribution of fluid across the cross-sectional geometries becomes important to minimize the drainage of fluid, which can result in reduced efficiency of the equipment.