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Gas to Power Delivery

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Empowering a Sustainable Future with Expertise and Insight

At Energy and Plant Technology Limited (EPT), we recognize the increasing significance of natural gas as a cleaner and more sustainable energy source, particularly given the abundance of natural gas resources in Nigeria. We are committed to applying our expertise in engineering, construction, and project management to become your capable partner in developing and delivering gas-based power solutions. We also understand the commercial challenges, including funding, that can impede unlocking the full value of such projects. Whether it involves establishing gas infrastructure, constructing gas-fired power plants, or optimizing existing gas-to-power systems, EPT possesses the knowledge and experience to ensure successful project execution.

Our Gas to Power Delivery services encompass:

  1. Gas Resources Development and Flare Gas Monetization.

We apply our petroleum asset management and development expertise to develop gas resources in a  cost effective manner. We support operators and asset owners in unlocking their gas resources, providing comprehensive planning and delivery assistance for non-associated gas development. Additionally, we offer flare gas monetization solutions. Including compression, treating, injection into pipelines or evacuation as compressed natural gas (CNG). Our goal is to maximize the value of gas resources while minimizing waste and environmental impact. 

  1. Gas Supply and Delivery Infrastructure : At EPT, We specialize in the supply of natural gas to required locations and design and construction of gas processing, transmission and distribution. Working closely with our clients, we create efficient and reliable gas infrastructure tailored to their specific needs. Leveraging our network in the gas market, we serve our clients by providing and supplying gas while meeting the terms of our Gas Supply Agreements (GSAs). We guarantee delivery of natural gas to power generation facilities.
  2. Gas-Fired Power Plant Construction and Modifications: EPT proudly boasts a proven track record in the construction of gas-fired power plants. We offer end-to-end project management services that cover site preparation, equipment procurement, civil works, mechanical and electrical installations, and commissioning. Our expertise ensures that gas-fired power plants are built to the highest standards, with a strong focus on efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability.

    As part of our Gas to Power Delivery services, we assist clients in converting their existing power plants to operate on natural gas. This conversion enables cleaner and more cost-effective power generation, reducing emissions and improving overall operational efficiency. EPT handles all aspects of the conversion process, including comprehensive feasibility studies, engineering design, equipment retrofitting, and seamless system integration.