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Flow Systems and Technology

Pressure Vessel and Tanks Internals

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Vessel Internals are components which help to accomplish the functional objectives of the vessel such as phase separation, storage, thermal contacts, contacting (stagewise or differential) etc. Phase separation is ubiquitous in oil field operations and  is accomplished in separators. Separators require various internals which perform different functions to meet targeted outcome. These separators are generally sized by the settling theory or retention time for the liquid phase. Depending on a specific application, oil/gas separators are also known as de-liquidizer or degasser, which are used to remove dispersed droplets from a bulk gas stream, while the degassers are designed to remove contaminated gas bubbles from the bulk liquid stream.


  • Longer life
  • competitive price
  • High efficiency
  • Dimensionally perfect
  • Smooth functioning

Separator and Vessel Internals 

  • Inlet Diverters 
  • Sand Jet Pipes assembly for Conventional Sand Systems 
  • Vortex Breakers  (for liquid outlet lines)
  • Vane Type Mist Extractors 
  • Carbon Steel Overflow Weir Plate
  • Proprietary Desanding Octopus (made of polymer) 

Design Specifications and Delivery Strategy:

We design and fabricate vessel internals for new and vessels. Our internals are fabricated with Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel depending on process requirements. 

For in-field vessel  modifications, internals are segmented into sections and the sections are able to fit through the existing manways . 

We also provide support angles, housing support rings etc and ensure easy attachment and fastening on vessel shell. 

Internal Layout Drawings and vessel internal details are developed to aid installation process. 

Cyclonic Sand Jetting

Conventional SandJet System

HDPE connecting lines for EPT Cyclonic Jetting systems

4-Way Octopus

Choose Us for Separator Engineering Including Design & Fabrication of Separators

EPT specialize in design, fabrication, and customization of a variety of equipment such as pressure vessels and separators. Our separator engineers have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with accurate solutions when it comes to separators including coalescing filter separators, well test separators, filter separators, and more.

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