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EPT Petroleum Asset Consulting

Business Case

EPT supports clients in developing business cases to justify capital investment through leveraging our extensive expertise, experiences, deeply rooted industry knowledge and business acumen. At the business case level, EPT identifies facility capacity, approximated project location, ballpark/high level capital cost estimates, major equipment and preliminary operating costs.

Conceptual Studies

EPT engages some of the most experienced engineers and deploys state-of-the-art technology to provide best in class solutions for asset development. The conceptual work includes studies in the early stages of project development for both Greenfield units and Brownfield modifications. The studies can include Field Development, Basic Engineering, Process Simulation, Budgeting and determination of techno-commercial viability of projects and provides decision support to the stakeholders.During the concept phase, many options can be evaluated before a large investment of engineering time is made. Typically, a base case is established, and other options are compared to the base case. Process modeling is used to develop the options. Sometimes lead time for delivery of equipment items can factor into selection of the best option. EPTs extensive cost database is used to compare the options and to select the most economic path forward.

Feasibility Studies

Our specialist engineers assess the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed project and provide options to achieve optimal technical solutions and improve profitability. We provide a bankable techno commercial feasibility report to Owners covering following aspects critical for investment decision:
  • Development Planning
  • Facility configuration
  • Technology selection
  • Execution Model Development
  • Preliminary Cost Estimation
  • Environment Impact
  • assessment
  • Economic Modeling
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial ClosureFor qualified projects, EPT assists in financial closure of the project either by Direct equity participation or by institutional lending. With the comprehensive range of in house capacities, we add value to projects in all stages and are able to make the most challenging projects viable.
  • Enterprise and Asset Value Optimisation

    We help asset owners in Value Creation, Value Realization and Value protection by leveraging our deeply rooted industry expertise and broad experience across the upstream value chain. We take an enterprise optimisation approach to support our clients;

    1. Asset Specific Manning and Operations Framework
    2. Culture and Enterprise Agility
    3. Asset Focused Work Programme
    4. Cash Flow and Activity Optimization

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